Nippon Vol.2 (sound effects package)
  • Nippon Vol.2 (sound effects package)
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Nippon Vol.2 (sound effects package)

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NIPPON FOLEY VOL. 2 A SOUND EFFECTS PACKAGE MADE IN JAPAN NFVL2 is a collection of sounds and ambiences exclusively recorded in Japan. BASIC PRICE : 12USD (you can tip more if you want :-)) 2Go of original sounds for filmmakers. This little collection can help you to embellish your video productions and/or can be used in your original tracks, music productions.

All sounds are Royalty Free. All sounds are mastered & compatibles to any DAW / WAV format (48Hz / 24bit). All sounds have been exclusively recorded with a NTG-5 Rodes and a Zoom F4 by no one else than I. You'll find a detailed list and description inside the package.

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